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Products & Services

Kuebler Farms offers a range of products and services to assist customers in achieving the unique goals they set for their operations. From seed selection to ground preparation, planting, harvesting, drying, storage of grain or selling, Kuebler Farms will work with the specific needs of each farmer to be successful.
Licenced Grain Elevator & Dealer
Seed Partners

We provide storage and drying of wheat, soybeans and corn. Custom drying of own grain is also available.

Custom Field Work

Whether you need a field worked, seed planted, fertilizer spread, grain combined or trucked, we are your one stop for your custom needs.

Our machinery is equipped with GPS guidance and yield monitor.

We provide top quality conventional and leading trait seed from different seed partners for wheat, oats, barley, soybean, corn and forages.

Licensed Grain Dealer

We offer a range of grain contracts to meet customer needs. For Forward contracts, Basis first contracts, daily cash bids and up to date prices, please contact us.

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